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Make Your Health a Priority!

Patient Testimonials

Helps my back feel better!

❝The chiropractor helps my back feel better, and helps me get better when I am sick.❞

Live life to the extreme!

❝The chiropractor really helps me to live life to the extreme!❞

More Energy

❝I am eating better, lost 20 lbs., my congestion is better, better motion, more energy.❞

Sleeping better

❝One has to try chiropractic care to find the help it can do for you. Sleeping better. No headaches.❞

Fewer Headaches, Better Sleep

❝Since beginning my care, I've noticed many fewer headaches, better sleep, and a less achy back! I came in unable to walk, and am now exercising everyday! ❞

No Headaches

❝I am not having as many headaches, and I am sleeping better. It has been very relaxing.❞

Chiropractic care beneficial for ALL joints!

❝Like most people, I only thought of chiropractic care when it involved neck or back issues. I casually responded to Dr. Mattson's question of "Is there anything else?" by saying "You could adjust my foot." I had mis-stepped about a month earlier and just been hobbling around and icing it. My foot was still swollen and I couldn't flex my toes. She told me she adjusts ankles and feet and proceeded to examine my foot. She found jammed toe joints and a spot in my ankle. She made the adjustments and it was immediate relief when I took the first step. She reminded my that chiropractic is beneficial for all joints. I would like to add to that, DON'T WAIT!! If you have something bothering you take care of it right away, I wish I had!❞